About the Author

My name is Joseph Edwin Orzechowski! I am 25 years old and am currently attending my senior year at MTSU. I am an audio production major. Over the last 4 years I have discovered so many new things about myself, my peers, and the forever and rapidly changing world around me. The inevitable ups and downs of life have taken me on such an amazing journey so far! I enjoy long walks on sunny beaches, pina colladas, the rain….I’m kidding. First and foremost, music is my passion. Music is universal and it unites us all. It can heal us. Drive us. Motivate us. Move us. It is always there for us, by us, and for all of us.

I was born and raised in Chicago Land until moving to  Tennessee in 2011. While the initial transition proved to be quite the difficult one, Tennessee has been good to me. I have met so many amazing people! I pride myself and find my satisfaction in life creating. Creation is the manifestation of intangible thoughts and ideas within all of us. Not only do these things come from the mind, but also the heart and soul. It absolutely amazes me how far the world has come in regards to technology. I am somewhat of an old soul. I love to write, read, and I am also into video games and film. I play guitar, bass, and tamper around with electronic music at time to time. I listen to everything and anything music wise. There is always something I can appreciate about anything a person creates. I like to spend time in nature. I am quite the introvert and a bit of a goof, but once you get to know me I never shut the heck up. I I try to be as positive a person as I can be, and I accept everyone until they give me a reason not to. Life is about YOU, but it is also about us. Life is better when we live it together.

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